Xorus Patchinko II

One of the best surface lure for UK bass


The Patchinko is one of the best surface lure for UK bass on the market at the moment. It casts better than any other lure of its size and the weight almost makes the lure works itself on the retrieve.

Being so streamlined it casts very well into the wind too. Slight twitches of the wrist on the retrieve will bring this lure to life. Two different size ball bearings give it a great sound for bringing fish up from the depths to strike the lure.

Fitted with top quality Decoy SW hooks that won’t let you down..

The Baitfish colour is very similar to the 500G, But with a silvery line down the back and a little yellow spot just under gill plate.

Length. 135mm

Weight. 27gr

Surface lure

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