The River Clwyd

We offer a day ticket from the shop that allows you to fish all of the Vale of Clwyd Anglers club waters.  This covers large areas along the River Clwyd and is £15 per person per day, this ticket also allows you to fish into dark for the Sea trout.

The river Clwyd is only a small river but has a nice head of little (under 1lb) wild brown trout, but the club also stock with some bigger Brownies to give you a little more sport.  From June(ish) onwards we will start to see the Sea trout running up the river.  These fish are great sport but are mainly caught at night on the fly, unless the river level is up with some colour to it.  This is due to them being very spooky fish who need the cover of dark or coloured water to give them the confidence to take. They average in size of 1-2lb, with 3-4lb fish being reasonably common place, and at least once a year we will hear of a double figure one. The Salmon are usually seen later on in the year and as always it’s all down to the water!

You can fish this ticket with either type of fishing licence, just make sure if you have a non-migratory licence that you fish accordingly, using light tackle and return any Sea trot or Salmon.

Tight Lines!

For more detailed information on these waters visit the clubs website here

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